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На официальный сайт Dota 2 добавлен новый герой. Его имя Hoodwink

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Разработчики пополнили список персонажей на официальном сайте Dota 2. Имя нового героя — Hoodwink, а основной атрибут — ловкость. Hoodwink имеет дальний тип атаки.

[Новость находится в процессе перевода]


Hoodwink's earliest years were spent in the idyllic expanse of green that once filled the edges of Krimwohl. But as that kingdom grew, and the needs of both her citizens and her armies became ravenous, rival ore and timber barons scratched and clawed to outpace each other in devouring the natural beauty of the border forests, gorging themselves to meet the demands of the changing land.

To those living in the ancient timberlands, the choice came down to following the line of refugees into the pacified zones, falling to Krimwohl's black powder and steel while defending their homes, or fleeing further north to tempt fate in the haunted glens and groves of the misty Wood Tomo'kan.

So it was in those treacherous northern mistwoods that Hoodwink came of age, dodging the horrific predators of the Tomo'kan, ingratiating herself with some of the local banditry whilst antagonizing others, and finding absolutely every which way to be underfoot whenever some interesting mischief arose--often allegedly the cause of it.

But when the faintest whiff of Krimwohl's fires eventually drifted into her adopted home, Hoodwink's thoughts turned to any family and friends who might have survived the invasion--now made to eke out lives in the razed lands whose wounds scarred her very soul--and she couldn't help but approach the edges of civilization to get a glimpse of the devils that had destroyed her old life.

There, she saw that the monsters from her childhood weren't monsters at all. They were just...people. Soldiers, laborers, merchants...and refugees. And the soldiers, even with their black powder and steel, were nothing compared to the dangers of the Tomo'kan--real dangers with tentacles and teeth--dangers she danced around like a twirling maple seed.

Knowing she can always find safe passage in the tangles of the Tomo'kan, where most warm-blooded folk wisely fear to tread, Hoodwink now strikes out against those who dare try to further pacify the wilds, happily taking what she likes from their belongings, destroying what she has no use for, and helping guide any kindred survivors back to a life in the green once again.


Acorn Shot

Fires Hoodwink's attack with an acorn at the target unit. The acorn bounces to nearby targets, slowing them and dealing bonus damage. If point targeted, a tree is created at the target position and the acorn will bounce to nearby targets.

Способность: направленная на существо, направленная на точку. Действует на вражеских существ, наносит физический урон. Проходит сквозь невосприимчивость к магии.

  • Расход маны: 75/85/95/105
  • Перезарядка: 16/14/12/10 
  • Бонус к дальности атаки: 125 / 200 / 275 / 350
  • Бонусный урон: 25 / 50 / 75 / 100
  • Bounce count: 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
  • Длительность замедления: 0.25
  • Замедление передвижения: 100%
Though she'll make do with almost anything, Oak and Ironwood acorns make the most effective projectiles -- and the bulk of Hoodwink's stash.


Tosses a net trap that stuns enemy heroes if they are near a tree in the area. Affected enemies take damage and are pulled towards the tree nearest to them, and have their vision reduced to 0 for the duration of the stun.

Способность: направленная на точку. Наносит магический урон.

  • Расход маны: 90/100/110/120
  • Перезарядка: 14
  • Радиус: 325
  • Длительность оглушения: 1.3 / 1.6 / 1.9 / 2.2
  • Урон: 90/ 180 / 270 / 360
Hoodwink favors Ironwood groves for ambushes, but the wary step carefully in all areas of the mistwoods.


Hoodwink passively has a chance to evade physical attacks while near trees. When activated, Hoodwink gains bonus movement speed, phased collision, and tree-walking for a brief time.

  • Расход маны: 35
  • Перезарядка: 0
  • Способность: ненаправленная
  • Радиус уворота: 275
  • Бонус к скорости передвижения: 25% / 30% / 35% / 40%
  • Длительность действия усиления: 4
  • Уклонение: 8 % / 16% / 24% / 32%
There's not a nook or cranny in the Wood Tomo'kan out of reach of Hoodwink's paws.


Hoodwink charges up and fires a deadly bolt from her crossbow, dealing heavy damage, slow, and Break to an enemy Hero. The damage and debuff duration scale up to max after %max_charge_time% seconds, and the bolt is fired automatically after 5 seconds. Hoodwink is knocked backwards for a distance of 350 from the force of the shot.

Способность: направленная на точку. Наносит магический урон. Не проходит сквозь невосприимчивость к магии.

  • Расход маны: 150
  • Перезарядка: 45
  • Максимальный урон: 600 / 1000 / 1400
  • Максимальная длительность ослабления: 6
  • Замедление передвижения: 50%
While her first arbalest was a chance discovery, Hoodwink now takes great care in carving and caring for her own -- of course with some necessary components pilfered or otherwise cleverly procured.